The world is undergoing rapid changes in the career landscape. Indeed, with the quickly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly critical that children learn skills in schools to master them in their early years.

Thus, education must move towards less content and more towards learning about thinking critically and solving problems, being creative and multidisciplinary, and innovating, adapting, and absorbing new material in novel and changing fields.

At Future Ready Skills, we want to prepare our students for a great career ahead and give them the skills to thrive in the future. Developing future-ready skills goes hand-in-hand with letting students learn educational concepts. The strength of one builds on the other. Therefore, skills like Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Art of Storytelling, Effective Communications Skills have become more critical in shaping and securing a successful career.

Skills bridges the gaps between our school students and their aspirations. It prepares students with essential life skills and connects them with industry and jobs to make career choices. Future Ready Skills will train and engage the young people of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Critical Advantages of Skill Development are:
  • Increase in proficiency
  • Grow life skill sets
  • Achieve tasks in less time with more results
  • Increase in performance levels
  • Skills education helps students build confidence
  • Skill training allows students to identify, train and nurture their innate talent
The fundamental principles of this program are:
  1. Fostering the unique capabilities in each student
  2. Develop essential life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, decision making, digital age literacy and resilience. Possessing these skills is no more an optional choice; we must teach these skills to every student at school. The program will provide a practical learning experience to every participating student.

We partner with schools to deliver skills training as part of their curriculum. So if you wish to design a customised curriculum of Future Ready Skills Programs for your school, please click on contact us to help us connect with you.

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Lynkube is a platform for schools and students around their areas of interest beyond academics. The platform enables students to engage in after school clubs and courses curated by renowned mentors, showcase their talents, enhance skills in their chosen interest areas, and freely engage with their age-appropriate peer community worldwide.

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Entromind Management Consulting is a Business Consulting and Talent Development firm providing customised solutions to organisations and individuals for enhancing their performance. Our consulting and talent solutions help prepare teams to challenge traditional thinking, identify and combat barriers and become change and growth drivers. With decades of experience in building, managing and scaling businesses across industry segments, we endeavour to partner with you across a range of business consulting services to improve business results and people efficiency.